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Welcome to my Web site!

Well what can I say.  Started to get into electronics at an early age and like to take things apart and put them back together.  As I got older I got into communications.  Started out playing with CB and doing radio mod's for all my friends.  Some of the people I meet on the radio are still good friends to this day.  I started to get interested into weather in the 80's and wanted a scanner to listen to anything and everything when bad weather was around.  I had a choice to make.  Go for a scanner or get an HT for amateur radio use and mod it for extended receive.  Well I got the HT.  After hearing some 12 year old kid using a local ham repeater I realized if he can do so can I.  On February of 1993, me and another CB buddy went to take the test and the rest is history.  We both past and got consecutive call signs.  Now 15 years later, me and another good friend of mine Alan, N1TBN decided to upgrade to the General Class License and passed in July of 2009.

On to how the site came about.  While at work I was taking to a co-worker about going on a trip to hunt down a tornado.  Turns out there were a few of us who wanted to do the same thing.  We all took classes with Sky Warn and I put up this site to document our trip.  Well we still have not gone out to the mid west to find one yet but it is on my list on things to do.  For now I will hunt down local lightning storms in my area.

Hope you enjoy the site and please visit again.

Mike N1OMJ  

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